Disability – A Curse in Pakistan

In 2018, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) conducted an audit where it surveyed 55 polling stations in Islamabad to find out if they...

West’s Afghanistan Narrative

On Sunday, 15th of August, a new chapter of history “The Fall of Kabul” was concluded. The final conquest of the Taliban was followed...

Demystifying the Instrumentality of Hierarchy vis-à-vis Individual Rights

We often hear of incorporating cultural context in the debate of basic human rights. Let us look at this claim. The claim is that...

Minds are vulgar, not rights

“Mera Jism, Meri Marzi”: Why did this phrase provoke so much abhorrence and hatred in Pakistan’s society. Perhaps the Pakistani society did not realise...

Parenting: The good, the bad, and the necessary

Parenthood is a fascinating time for most of us – great challenges, plenty of learning and an invitation to sleepless nights. With excitement and...

August 15th: A day of national and collective mourning in Bangladesh

46 years ago during the early hours of this day, a group of young Bangladesh army personnel invaded the Dhanmondi 32 residence of revolutionary...

Regulating therapists: A million-dollar question

While the world is left in shock at the barbaric, brutal murder of Noor Mukkadam, there are increasing concerns and debates over the lack...

Tokyo Olympics: Most expensive summer games ever

After long contemplations and debates on cancellation and postponement, the Tokyo Olympics finally got underway last week. To host an event of this magnitude...

Where did it go wrong for Quetta Gladiators?

How the mighty have fallen; from one of the most successful teams in the history of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Quetta Gladiators have...

Racial profiling: Constructing the ‘violent Pashtun’ in our collective imagination

Racial power asymmetry is part of the popular global discourse that most people are familiar with. Only last month, Derek Chauvin—the police officer accused...

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