What could be more soul-soothing, stomach-filling, and convivial than a slice of cheesecake? Best cheesecakes to die for in Lahore. These are just a few of my favourite things about cheesecake. Just thinking about cheesecake makes me want a huge slice of the light, airy delicacy with a graham cracker crust and smooth creamy vanilla centre, topped with a favourite topping of cherries, strawberries, blueberries, or streusel – or you may select for yourself if you like. Then you’ll understand why I like cheesecake. Let’s face it, the very fact that a delicious cheesecake exists and tastes nice is enough reason to like it. It’s rich, not too sweet (if you select the proper one), and it’s made with cheese, one of the world’s most popular dairy products.

We’ve all had the sweet pleasure of enjoying cheesecake, generally in a colossal portion. I, for one, am a great cheesecake lover, and after a taste test, I can honestly declare that Lahore has some of the best cheesecake options and you’ll see why.

John J. Sergreto writes in his book Cheesecake Madness, the strong delight and admiration of cheesecake stretches back to 230 A.D.

It is said that the Romans were first exposed to cheesecake while attempting to conquer Greece, which seems to be the first cheesecake consumer. The original recipe comprised of pounded cheese, wheat flour, and honey cooked and then leaving it to cool down. In the seventh century, the first reported cheesecake was served to athletes during an Olympic tournament in Greece because it was thought to be an excellent source of energy in ancient Greece and was even provided to athletes during the Olympic games. Later, the Romans experimented with this newly discovered delicacy by adding eggs, baking them under rocks, and serving them warm. It then expanded to other European nations before making its way to North America as immigrants sought fame and money across the Atlantic. They had no idea that the cheesecake recipe they brought with them would spawn a massive following of cheesecake fans and grow into a multibillion-dollar business around the globe. However, we all owe our gratitude to the Americans for introducing the decadent cream cheese to the scrumptious cheesecake.

There are several cheesecake recipes around the globe. Some of them seem to be more appealing than others. Cornstarch and egg whites are used instead of the cheese in a traditional Japanese cheesecake recipe. Conventional Greek recipes call for feta or mizithra, whereas Germans prefer cottage cheese-based dishes. The Italian approach is to use Ricotta and Mascarpone cheese.

Enough of the history lessons, but what do you do if you find yourself craving cheesecake in Lahore where there is a scarcity of decent cheesecakes here, despite the abundance of retailers and a varied choice of alternatives? It may be tough to find the proper cheesecake with a soft, buttery crumble and a smooth consistency to fulfil your hunger but let’s fix it. Here are the 6 best cheesecakes venues in Lahore where you can buy various types of cheesecake if you are a cheesecake connoisseur on the lookout.

Dessertery has traditional New York cheesecake served with brise and baked cheesecake.

Uncle Tetsu is Japan’s most loved soft cheesecake. It is fluffy, rich in flavour, and freshly baked.

Tartisan by Nawaal makes homemade cakes. She has mouth-watering blueberry cheesecake which is enriched with real and delightful blueberries.

The Cakery Bakery is a home-based bakery. They have a wide range of different types of cheesecakes available.

Masoom’s Bakery is in Phase 4 DHA, they have Oreo, chocolate, and classic NY-style cheesecake available.

Kitchen Cuisine has a rich and creamy classic NY style baked cheesecake on a graham cracker style crust, with strawberry topping.

Cheesecake has a rich flavour and texture that belies its ease of preparation. Cheesecake fans know that they can make this delectable treat at any time by whisking together a few simple ingredients like cream cheese, sugar, and eggs, then putting it into a pie shell made of graham cracker crumbs or other traditional pie crusts and baking it.

So, what’s not to like about a delicious slice of cheesecake? It can be eaten at any time of day or night, it’s simple to prepare and even simpler to purchase, it tastes delicious, and, on top of that, it gives you a sense of well-being that only comes from treating yourself properly. So go ahead and eat, only then you’ll understand why I love cheesecake so much!


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