Public health worker and Queer community liberation activist, Dr. Muhammad Moiz took to social media and shed light on targeted violence against him, instigated by organized groups called ‘beelas’. 

In a Twitter thread, the comedian explained how he fought off those assailants who attempted to sexually assault him. 

Talking about the three things the he could not forget from the attack night, Moiz wrote, “The “bharram” [hubris] of the main gangster – his body language – his entitlement – his stature – how he didn’t just act but BELIEVED that all of us, our bodies, our joy, was for HIS consumption and his consumption alone.”

Moiz added, “I saw death in the eyes of 4 attackers for over 10 minutes. They had no soul. They had no remorse. That look – that look where they KNOW they’ll get you because that’s how it has always happened and they know no other way but that – the look that said this isn’t new for me”

Moiz said that the third thing that he could not forget is his feelings when he got away from them, adding the description, how he had successfully grappled and locked one of them into an unnatural position and kicked them so long that the guys eventually had had to stop trying to kidnap and rape him. 

Moiz— a human rights activist who is vociferous about violence against humiliation and torture against the Queer and transgender community nowadays— was busy organizing a protest which is scheduled on 24th September against the ‘beelas’.

In an earlier Facebook post, he had shed light on the larger picture around the heinous culture where ‘beelas’ carry out acts of physical and sexual violence against the khwaja sira (Transgender) community in a premeditated manner. 


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