Residents of Sydney, Australia are being made to brace a ban enforced by states amid a surge in coronavirus cases. Australian states and territories of Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory have started closing their borders on Sydneysiders.

The closure of borders outside New South Wales put a damper on Christmas plans and family reunions for many people as airlines also announced cancellation of flights.

83 new cases were reported recently, all linked to the region near Sydney’s northern beaches. New South Wales recorded 15 new infections.

“2020 is not done with us yet,” said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“The events of the past few days… are incredibly frustrating and disappointing for people all around the country who had plans in place to get together and move in between states,” he added

Currently, only Sydney has reported Covid-19 cases. Australia has been hailed for its “swift and aggressive” response to the pandemic. Authorities in Sydney have restricted indoor gatherings to 10 guests, and advised people to minimize social activity and to wear masks in public places. However, residents of northern beaches will have to remain under lockdown until Wednesday.


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