ISLAMABAD: Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood on Sunday informed that Russia has allowed import of Pakistan’s rice from June 11.

Initially, four firms have been allowed and more would be granted permission after virtual inspection by Russian authorities who would be coordinated by DPP, the Advisor for Commerce tweeted.

The Adviser said Pakistani meat exports stood at $280 million from July to April this year, which was nine per cent higher than last year as $257 million were exported from July to April 2020.

The exports have increased due to the opening of new markets and also by compliance with the International standards, he said.

He said, “I appreciate the exporter, Excellent Corporation Company and China’s UNI International, for making this happen.”

“I encourage our fruit exporters to aggressively market their produce in China and urge the Ministry of Commerce Trade and Investment Counselor in China to provide maximum facilitation”.

“Further to my previous tweet, the Ministry of Commerce is glad to inform that for the first time a direct full shipment of 18 tons of Pakistan’s Sindhri mangoes reached Lanzhou in China via a chartered plane yesterday,” he added.

Razak Dawood said this was a great event marking the 70 years of relations between China and Pakistan.


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