ISLAMABAD: On Saturday, supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) gathered outside the Parliament building to celebrate the vote of confidence granted to Imran Khan by the National Assembly. 

In the session, which was boycotted by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), Imran Khan managed to secure the vote of 178 lawmakers of the house lower voted in his favour. Imran Khan had voluntarily called for a vote of confidence after ruling alliance’s candidate Dr Hafeez Shaikh lost in the Senate election from Islamabad.

Announcing the result, Speaker Asad Qaiser said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was elected in 2018 with 176 votes, and now he has won the vote of confidence with 178 votes.

The supporters of PTI poured into Islamabad from Jhelum, Attock and other cities at 11:00 pm today to show solidarity with the premier.

The political workers have been fully activated across the country, including social media platforms with #MainBImranKhanHoon as a strategy to show the strength of the party after setbacks in the form of the Senate elections upset by the PDM.  

However, the PTI gathered supporters led to heightened tensions at the D-Chowk as scuffles broke out, and the opposition alleges that PTI supporters maltreated PML-N leaders, including Maryam Aurangzeb. 

As of now, the crowd is celebrating the vote of confidence for Imran Khan, while heavy security guards the Parliament house.

ISLAMABAD: Supporters of the PTI chant slogans and gather outside the premises of the Parliament House


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