In a meeting with industrialists at the Governor House Karachi, President Arif Alvi expressed his concerns over the gas crisis and said that he would take up the matter with the concerned ministers.

Karachi Chamber of Commerce (KCC) President Sharq Vohra had said that the emergence of the gas crisis during the increase in exports is a matter of concern and should be investigated.

President Alvi also assured the business community that they would receive an update on the root causes of the gas crisis and the government’s strategy being devised to deal with the situation. 

KCC President Mr Vohra had expressed that the ongoing gas crisis in Karachi has become increasingly severe which needs to be investigated because. The crisis comes at a time when exports are improving, and the sudden failure of the government to ensure gas supply to industries would harm the improving exports. Many factories have closed down due to this shortage. 

The continuation of the gas crisis would not only make it difficult for exporters to deliver their shipments on time but also general industries would not be able to ensure supply of goods in the local markets. 

President KCC further emphasised that due to the gas suspension, special attention needs to be paid to the problems faced by the business and industrial community of Karachi and the issue needs to be addressed immediately otherwise the situation will have a devastating effect on industrial performance and the economy.


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