Mehwish Hayat commented on the performance of Arshad Nadeem — Pakistan’s first track and field athlete to compete at the quadrennial event at the World Olympics — expressing hope that the government would give serious considerations to sports and physical education. 

Making a tweet on the micro-blogging website, the actor said, “I hope that Arshad Nadeem’s success provides the ‘catalyst’ we need to invest in our talent.” She added, “This needs to start in schools where sports needs to be made an integral part of the curriculum. This cannot – like everything else – be a flash in the pan. Time to seize the moment!”

This year at the Tokyo Olympics Arshad Nadeem almost bagged an Olympic medal for Pakistan but fell short and finished fifth in the final of men’s javelin throw competition in Tokyo. The 24-year-old from Mian Channu did not receive the kind of training or support other finalists may have received from their home countries.

So his feat was certainly a milestone worth celebrating. Thus, several prominent personalities took to Twitter on Sunday to congratulate him for having come so far.

Like Nadeem, Talha Talib — who fell two kilograms short of history at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on July 25 — received little to no support from the government. The actor hoped that more attention will be paid to athletes and they would be given the kind of sustenance and support they require at home.


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