Thursday: Atleast 2 civilians were killed and 59 injured in an explosion during a procession in Bahawalnagar, confirmed Raja Basharat the Punjab Home Minister.

The terrorist threw the grenade at the procession as it was passing by Jamia masjid In Muhajir Colony around 10am. The Home Minister stated that the man had been taken into custody.

Two people were killed on spot, while the injured were taken to the Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital. Senator Sehar Kamran labelled it as a “cracker attack”.

Police and ambulances were shown rushing to the explosion site. Rangers have arrived at the site and investigations are underway.

Although many precautaions had been taken to ensure security for the Shiite community during the month of Muharram. Pakistan has yet again witnessed a hate crime against one of its minorities.

This is a developing story


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