Imran Khan was voted out on April 10 after 174 lawmakers expressed their mistrust in his leadership after almost three and a half years.

The outcome shook the political earth of the country, seemingly bringing an end to a protracted crisis. After three-and-a-half years, Khan’s PTI struggled to stay in power as its allies betrayed to joined hands with opposition parties. And while Pakistan’s history has been marred with political instability, no prime minister has ever been removed from office through a no-trust motion.

Thus, in the final moments of the former prime minister’s government, his team members paid tribute to him, vowing to fight along his side “for as long as it takes.” Celebrities, too, followed suit, penning their thoughts on the situation, knowing full well that Khan’s term had come to an end. Many are still lamenting the fall of “hope” and a sad but irrefutable return to “purana” Pakistan.

Actor Armeena Khan tweeted a prayer, “May God protect Pakistan and it’s loyal citizens from darkness and the forces of evil that are about to consume it once more. Ameen.”

Unable to fall asleep, she took to her Insta Stories to add, “Dil thora toot sa raha hai. Aesa lagta hai jese kuch qeemti si cheez kho di (My heart is breaking a little, it feels like we’ve lost something very precious).”

Veteran actor Samina Peerzada shared, “This is not the end, Imran Khan will return with more power and greater resolve. He will not give up and neither will we. We share a great bond. Love for Pakistan.”

In another tweet, she thanked the former prime minister for “waking up the nation,” writing, “Imran Khan, humain is lambi neend say jaganay ka shukriaHumnay is political theatre kay saray chehray jan liay hain pehchan liay hain (we have learnt and memorised the faces behind this political theatre).”

Actor Humaima Malick called it a “dark day” while Aiman Khan shared a post hailing Khan as a “true leader.”

Teefa in Trouble star Maya Ali too, termed today the “saddest and a dark day in Pakistan’s history.” She lamented, “All we needed was some patience, unity and belief. We have lost a gem, a true politician and honest prime minister. I salute Imran khan that he tried his best and fought for the sovereignty of Pakistan till the last moment. Thank you, kaptan. I know you will come back stronger. Once a leader, always a leader.”


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