KARACHI: Octopus Digital Limited has applied for listing on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). The company plans to issue 27,350,000 ordinary shares using the book building method at a floor price of Rs29 per share, the statement issued by the stock exchange said.

Octopus Digital, a subsidiary of AVANCEON, helps businesses digitalise their manufacturing, supply chain and financial workflows backed by strategic and operational maintenance support services. This helps in decision-making as actionable insights and business intelligence is available throughout the year.

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The company provides end-to-end digitalisation quickly and securely. The next generation of business intelligence isn’t siloed in systems or dependent on fancy dashboards, as insights appear instantly, making it easier to see the change and take action. The system provides insights on complex data so every user across the organisation can achieve better outcomes.

The unique capabilities of interconnected technologies allow manufacturers to respond and adapt more quickly to customer requests and even develop custom orders with less labor and setup time than in traditional manufacturing.


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