KARACHI: Industrial automation consultation and system integration company Avanceon Limited has won a contract worth Rs150 million to deploy a fuel retail automation system for one of the largest oil marketing companies in Pakistan. The fuel retail automation solution will be deployed on multiple sites and will be integrated with the customer’s central monitoring system.

“The contract execution gives a pathway for positive impact on the group’s business and value to its shareholders,” the statement issued at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) by Avanceon Limited said.

Fuel retail automation plays a critical role in improving consumer experience and supporting sustainable growth for oil marketing companies. The solution keeps human error and fuel adulteration in check and reduces costs by increasing monitoring and efficiency, which in turn drives sales. Through flexible integration, oil marketing companies have the opportunity to increase the productivity of their retail outlets and streamline their supply chains, the statement said.

Avanceon operates in Pakistan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

“In today’s highly competitive retail fuels market, businesses across the retail fuel supply chain must deal with increasingly complex processes, requiring faster and more frequent operational, distribution, pricing, assets maintenance, and risk management decisions,” the statement added.

“Working on very thin margins since very little value addition is involved at this stage, retail fuel station automation
presents an opportunity to do more and monetise better. Advancements in operational technology, sensors, and communication gateways connectors are integral to most aspects of smart retail fuel station automation,” the company said. “Avanceon offers advanced solutions for retail fuel station automation and the integrated automation and data management solutions helps companies maximise return on investments”


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