KARACHI: WorldCall Telecommunication Limited has signed a collaboration agreement with TUFA Telecommunication Limited (TUFATEL) to roll out fiber to home facilities across the country.

The collaboration will help both companies to enhance service for their clients and strengthen their bottom-line in return. This collaboration will also rollout seamless broadband access by fully utilising WorldCall’s existing fiber-optic network, the statement issued at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) said.

The collaboration also aims to provide a major boost to the proliferation of affordable broadband service to all segments of the society as this business endeavor will offer Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services to their customers across Pakistan.

FTTH includes fiber-optic access solutions designed for residential deployments. In FTTH networks, fibers are directly connected to individual homes or multitenant buildings. Fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) solutions where fibers are not installed all the way to the residential premises are not included in the FTTH segment.

FTTN solutions are instead tracked according to the technology used in the last mile. With FTTH solu#tions, the “in-house” connectivity may be based on fiber, coaxial cable, copper or wireless technologies. FTTH covers only the electronics associated with the FTTH rollouts; it excludes associated cabling and civil works.


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