Women appointed for senior positions in the Holy Mosques

Saudi Arabia breaks another barrier as it appoints two women for leadership positions for the Holy Mosques/Thecorrespondent.pk

Two Saudi women have been appointed to top positions at the general presidency for the affairs of the two Holy Mosques as reported by the local Arab news.

Dr.Al-Anoud Al-Aboud and Dr. Fatima Al-Rashoud were appointed as assistants to Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais the president of the organization. Dr. Ibtehad was appointed vice president of scientific research and Dr. Norah was appointed vice president of women’s guidance affairs.

All these women hold master’s degrees and doctorates.

Dr. Ibtehad informed the news that it was a huge responsibility as the Holy Mosque’s were the destination for millions of Muslims and that it would be an honour to serve them.

The female workforce in Saudi Arabia has increased from 20% to 33% within the last two years according to the Brookings institute.


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