FAISALABAD: Two nurses working at the local DHQ hospital in Faisalabad have been booked by the police on the charge of committing blasphemy.

According to allegations, the two nurses had removed stickers with religious scriptures from a cupboard, after which the staff members at the hospital protested against the two nurses. The staff members also attacked a police vehicle inside the premises of the hospital which had arrived to transport the two nurses. However, the police managed to secure the two nurses unharmed.  

According to police, the two nurses took off a sticker pasted on a cupboard located in the psychiatric ward of the hospital.

Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr Muhammad Ali filed a petition with the Civil Lines Police claiming that the hospital committee had confirmed the blasphemy allegations against the nurses.

A team led Civil Lines DSP Rana Atta-ur-Rehman took the nurses into custody and evacuated them from the hospital.  

The protesters included local clerics who demanded action against the accused. A case under  Section 295-B of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) has been registered.


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