KARACHI: After listing at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), The Organic Meat Company Limited (TOMCL) has secured a high value contract worth $3.9 million to supply frozen boneless meat to multinational customer National Food Company (Americana) in Saudi Arabia.

According to the notice on the PSX website on Monday, the TOMCL, has been contracted to supply frozen boneless meat to National Food Company (Americana), which is one of the most successful organisation in the Middle East. The group is considered one of the largest food manufacturing and distributing companies in the region.

The company will have to supply 100 metric tons frozen boneless meat every month and this contract will last for 12 months.

The contract further solidifies TOMCL position as a reputable and reliable meat processor in the export sector.

As a pioneer of frozen boneless meat exporter, TOMCL has been selling to the international meat industry for nearly a decade. The company has an impressive history of delivering halal meat as well as a variety of qualities of chilled and frozen meat and edible offal’s to various meat and offal importers all over Middle East and far east.

The company’s innovative history in the meat sector, its state-of-the-art services played a major role in acquiring the contract for the biggest food processor of the Middle East i.e National Food Company (Americana).


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