KARACHI: Tariq Glass Limited, makers of Toyo Nasic, Omroc, and Nova glasses, has commenced operation at the float glass manufacturing unit 2 with the capacity of 500 metric tons a day, the company issued a statement to the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Float is extremely smooth, distortion-free glass used in many window applications. It also provides the material for many other forms of glass, including tinted glass (heat absorbing) and laminated glass.

The float glass is made by pouring the molten glass from a furnace into a chamber that contains a bed of molten tin. The process is called the Pilkington Process.

The atmosphere inside the chamber is carefully controlled. The glass floats on the tin and forms itself in the shape of the container. It spreads 90 to 140 inches wide at a thickness determined at the time of manufacturing.

Tariq Glass along with a backing through technical collaboration with Toyo Glass of Japan remained market leader for over 30 years of experience in glass manufacturing in Pakistan. It was established in 1978 and was subsequently converted into a public limited company in 1980.

The company is known for variety, quality and reliability in Pakistani tableware and household with Toyo Nasic, Omroc and Nova products. The company exports goods to international markets across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Far East.


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