A Pakistani startup is connecting overseas Pakistanis with their families back home. The business is addressing prevalent yet unattended issues such as paying utility bills, attesting documents, amongst others from abroad.

InstaKin founder and CEO Yasir Shirazi shared during an interview with The Express Tribune that he believed the initiative was also contributing to the country’s economy as it is creating thousands of job opportunities.

Shirazi said that the mobile application InstaKin was launched “to solve real-life problems” faced by Pakistanis living abroad. He highlighted that the absence of trusted platforms in this domain led to the startup idea. 

Shirazi further revealed that he felt the need for such an application when he himself was residing abroad.

He remarked, “Over time, l realized that every time I needed to manage tasks back home, it was a difficult process”.

He added, “Delays were common, from paying family bills to getting documents attested, and running other last-mile tasks for family and myself”.

The founder underlined that there was no trusted application available that could connect an individual abroad with such different types of services.

He said, “The vision is to build a global one-stop-shop platform for diaspora members globally,” he said.

The founder revealed expansion plans saying that the application would start providing services in other countries as well, describing it as a global platform that had started with the Pakistani market.

The community-driven platform does not charge its overseas Pakistani users any fee, he said, adding that the fee was received from verified vendors.

Sharing details about the target market, he underscored that over 28 million South Asian expatriates in addition to 10 million overseas Pakistanis could benefit from the application.

He said, “Going further, around 250 million migrants globally, who live away from their home, can benefit from the services”.

Shirazi said, “The startup has more than 30 employees”.

He added that thousands of people in Pakistan were indirectly employed through vendors and distributors.

He said, “It is part of our mission to create more jobs in Pakistan and reduce unemployment,” he said.

He revealed, “The platform will create more than 3,000 new jobs directly and via our vendor network over the next two years”.


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