KARACHI: Seven shareholder directors were appointed by the board of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) through elections on Monday while three names for the independent directors will be submitted by the managing director PSX to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

A total of 10 directors will be appointed. Till now, four Chinese and three Pakistani shareholder directors have been appointed, while the MD PSX will send three names of independent directors to SECP.

The directors who have been appointed as shareholder directors are Wang Baoju, Dr Fu Hao, You Hang, Ms Yu Huali, Ahmed Chinoy, Nadeem Naqvi, and Zubair Razzak Palwala.

On asking on WhatsApp, the MD PSX said, “the names of the independent directors would be sent soon.”

After the selection of three directors, the total strength of the Board of Directors (BOD) would be eleven and they will elect their PSX Board Chairman. This process would be completed in the next few days, the PSX sources informed.


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