KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has launched another innovative product, ‘Roshan Apni Car’, for overseas Pakistanis to facilitate them in buying vehicles through banks’ car financing facility.

‘Roshan Apni Car’ will provide car financing products to overseas Pakistanis who can buy cars through the Roshan Digital Accounts. “The banks will offer a car loan on the low mark-up to overseas Pakistanis,” said Reza Baqir, the governor of the State Bank of Pakistan.

He said the waiting time for getting a car will be reduced to half for the Roshan Car customers. This product will allow every overseas Pakistani to provide a car to their family or friends and pay for it from abroad, he said.


The banks have devised a strategy that any overseas Pakistani who has a Roshan Digital Account can use this facility. If someone doesn’t have the said account, the banks will facilitate them in opening this account for the car financing facility.

“It is as simple as getting a car financing from any bank,” said a banker. “You will open an account and apply for the financing,” he added.

The banks are asking overseas Pakistanis to invest in Naya Pakistan Certificates or keep a balance in their Roshan Digital Account in Pakistani Rupees equivalent to the financing amount.

Furthermore, the banks are also offering car financing facilities if overseas Pakistan will provide salary slips or proof of remittances which they send every month or fortnight. An overseas Pakistani will also be eligible for the car financing facility if they have sent remittances for three consecutive months to their families in Pakistan.

Baqir said that the SBP is planning to launch an Idea Park where Pakistani youth will be invited to share their ideas about digitising the economy. He said the central bank is transforming the Pakistani financial system.

According to the governor, the housing and construction credit has been increased to Rs200 billion from Rs150 billion. He said the central bank is also focusing on developing products for the low-income housing schemes in line with the prime minister’s vision for providing houses to the working classes. 


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