ISLAMABAD: Differences have arisen between Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) chairman Asim Ahmed and the members of the FBR board.

The federal government had appointed Asim Ahmed as the chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in early April. Previously, he was serving as a member of Information Technology in FBR. Outgoing FBR Chairman Javed Ghani, who was from the Customs group, retired on April 12, handing over the charge to the incoming chief on April 9.

There are differences between FBR chairman and Member Inland Revenue Operations (MIRO), sources told The Correspondent. Furthermore, differences between Asim Ahmed and Member IR Operations arose before the federal budget.

Due to these differences, the Member IR Operations has decided to resign, sources in the FBR told. “Member IR Operations wants to work in PM’s office,” an FBR source said. 

If the member resigns, the team working under the member is likely to change; hence refund payments may be delayed, the source said. 

The FBR recently rewarded its employees up to six salaries for performance in preparing and aiding the federal government with the budget, sources said. 

Employees were awarded up to 3 salaries, 4 and 6 salaries. The honorarium was given to the employees based on performance in aiding the federal government in presenting the current fiscal year’s budget, FBR source told.


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