ISLAMABAD: In another incident of sexual abuse, a student of Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) in Islamabad was gang-raped by four students of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) on Friday. According to initial reports and information, the survivor was acquainted with the perpetrators of the crime, whom he had met at the university hostel.

The survivor claimed in a video that he, along with three other people (accused), entered the hostel and was tricked into entering room 175 of the hostel. He was made unconscious and around three to four people sexually assaulted him, which resulted in clinical complications for him.

Meanwhile, the university administration has suspended two students and an official involved in the crime. University officials also said that the administration called 15 after the incident; however, the rape survivor did not pursue the legal procedure.

Associate Professor of Law Dr Muhmmad Mushtaq Ahmed also wrote a letter to the university president sending copies to the patron in chief of the university and IIUI rector Prof Dr Masoom Yasinzai to act against elements involved in the crime.

According to the video, the rape survivor left the hostel room in the morning, and the accused tried to threaten him to leave the university. However, the matter was brought to the notice of the university administration.

Meanwhile, the letter written by the AP of Law Dr Muhmmad Mushtaq Ahmed said that a person from outside, reportedly from the QAU, was brought to a male hostel and was molested and assaulted here.

He said that one of the accused is Ibrahim Khan, a student of MS in Biotechnology. 

“I know and appreciate the fact that you immediately convened the meeting of the Students Discipline Committee (SDC) which issued notifications for suspending the admissions of this culprit and one of his accomplices,” read the letter by Dr Mushtaq, “I also know that the victim was sent to PIMS for medical assistance. However, a lot more needs to be done immediately because this was not just an act of indiscipline; it is a grave sin as well as a heinous crime.”

He demanded that the university immediately suspend all the officials and students involved in the crime and lodge complaints of criminal cases against the perpetrators.

IIUI Spokesperson Nasir Farid confirmed to local media that the survivor was a student of QAU, while the two IIUI students and an official involved in the incident have been immediately suspended from the university. 

He said that the survivor and accused were friends, and he came to live with them on his own, but an unfortunate incident occurred.

Spokesperson IIUI said that the university administration immediately called 15 police and took the survivor to PIMS for medical examination after the incident came to its notice.

However, he said that the survivor did not opt to register a police case against the accused. He said that the university administration has immediately suspended three persons, including two students.


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