A second wave of COVID-19 has elevated infection rates across Pakistan, urging the Punjab government to impose a series of smart lockdowns in different areas of Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi.

Lahore’s New Muslim Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Garden Town, Shadman, and Askari XI are to be sealed under a ‘micro smart lockdown’.

A similar lockdown has also been imposed in five affected areas of Multan including Naqshband Colony, Gulgasht Colony, Mepco Colony, Multan Kutcheri and Saadat Colony while four areas of Rawalpindi are also following new restrictions.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar issued directives for a tougher implementation of COVID-19 SOPs, with special emphasis on wearing masks when in public. He said he would work to ensure the protection of Punjab, adding that under the new measures, the second wave of the pandemic could be mitigated.

The notification issued by the Punjab government states that the lockdown will remain in force till 19 November in coronavirus hotspots, with all markets in these areas opening from 9AM to 7PM.

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