Prime Minister Imran Khan says that he was offered to sell votes in Senate elections multiple times in the past, he was directly and indirectly approached, he added. 

Talking to reporters in Kallar Syedan, PM Imran Khan said that he had seen the video, of PTI members allegedly taking money to sell votes in the 2018 Senate elections, for the first time yesterday. If he had had it before, he would have presented it in the court of law.

He further added that the opposition would raise a hue and cry after the Senate polls if they made the mistake of not cooperating on changing the Senate polls’ procedures to end horsetrading through an open ballot. Under secret voting, the government can get more seats than the opposition. Our members are with us; no one leaves during the government [has power and tenure], he said.

Imran Khan said that now the price for selling votes has gone up from Rs 400 million to Rs 800 million. PML-N and PPP have signed an open ballot agreement in the Charter of Democracy, and I have also supported the demand of PML-N for an open ballot, he commented. 

Imran Khan said that the real issue is whether elections should be held under the present system or not. While criticising the President of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), he said Maulana Fazlur Rehman had made the most money through buying and selling votes; he is the “biggest businessman”.


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