KARACHI: Despite the approval of funds for the uplifting of the infrastructure of SITE area by the Sindh Government six months ago, the work of rehabilitation of roads network and revamping of the drainage system has not yet started which has worsened the state of infrastructure in SITE area, said Abdul Hadi, President SITE Association of Industry (SAI).

In a statement here on Saturday, SAI Chief said that under the circumstances, it has become very difficult for the industrialists to reach their factories. Even pedestrians are facing a lot of difficulties in reaching their destinations. Not only this, many of the transporters have refused to pick up export consignments from the factories in the SITE area while those who agree, demand 4 times more freight. The increase in freight and transportation cost has a direct impact on the production cost, thereby making exports uncompetitive in the international markets.

Abdul Hadi has expressed serious concerns over the delay in the start of infrastructure restoration work in the SITE area and appealed the Chief Minister Sindh to take notice of the situation and issue directives to start infrastructure uplift work in the SITE area on an urgent basis.     

“In Sep-2020, the Chief Minister Sindh approved 1.037 billion rupees for the said works in SITE area on the protest of industrialists. These funds were allocated for the construction of 19 roads in SITE out of which, KDA was given the job to rehabilitate 2 roads while remaining 17 roads are to be built under Karachi Mega City Projects”, giving further details, President added that the revised PC-I of roads allotted to KDA has not yet been approved since more than 3 months.

SAI Chief mentioned that due to completely destroyed infrastructure in the SITE area, the incidents of the overturning of loaded trucks & vehicles have become a routine which is not only causing financial losses to the industries but also a threat for precious lives as many people have suffered injuries due to overturning of such loaded vehicles. Loss of lives as a result of such incidents is not out of question. In addition, due to destroyed roads, the cash and valuables snatching incidents have also increased in the SITE area.

Abdul Hadi has appealed the Chief Minister Sindh to take a personal interest in resolving the issues of the SITE area and issue immediate orders to concerned departments to start infrastructure uplift work. He also appealed the Chief Minister Sindh to issue notification of the Oversight Committee as per the commitment made and give representation to the SITE Association of Industry in the Committee for monitoring the quality of the work.


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