Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the price of sugar declined by Rs 13 per kilogram because of government efforts.

The premier in his tweet said that one month back the average sugar price all over the country was Rs 102 per kg which now has declined to Rs 81 per kg. He congratulated his team for bringing the prices of sugar down through multi-pronged strategy.

Asad Umer, the Federal Minister for Planning and Development also in a tweet said that prices of sugar come down by Rs 31 per kg. He said that whenever someone tried to change the corrupt system they always faced resistance from those who benefit from this system. He said if the beneficiaries are powerful then their resistance level is also stronger.

Meanwhile, the weekly Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Sensitive Price Index ended on December 10, showed a decrease of 0.26 percent over last week. The price of sugar in just one week reduced by 7 percent. The other food items which showed declining trends include Potato which fell down by 0.31 percent; Onion: 6.78 percent: Tomato: 1.22 percent, Pulse Masoor: 0.96 percent, Brown Sugar: 0.79 percent; Wheat flour bag 0.72 percent; Pulse Mash 0.32 percent; Rice basmati broken: 0.30 percent, Pulse Gram:0.26 percent and Pulse Moong 0.22 percent.

During the week, out of 51 items, prices of 16 (31.37percent) items increased, 13 (25.49 percent) items decreased and 22 (43.14 percent) items remained constant.


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