Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved an Rs5.40 per litre increase in the price of petrol, Shahbaz Gill, PM’s aide on communication, said on Thursday.

The price of diesel has been increased by Rs2.54 per litre whereas the price of kerosene oil was hiked by Rs1.39/litre. The price of light-speed diesel was increased by Rs1.27 per litre.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Dr. Shahbaz Gill took to Twitter and said, “Despite an increase in oil prices internationally, Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked OGRA to increase petrol price by Rs5.40 dismissing suggested increase of Rs11.40.”

With this increase, petrol’s new price will be Rs118.09 from Rs112.69. High-Speed Diesel price has been increased by Rs2.63 from Rs113.99 to Rs116.53.

On July 1, the government had approved an increase of Rs2 in the price of petrol, dismissing OGRA’s recommendation of a Rs6.05 hike. Kerosene Oil has been increased from Rs83.40 to Rs84.67.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had recommended an increase of Rs6.05, but PM Imran Khan rejected it, instead approving an increase of Rs2 per litre for petrol.

The premier’s aide said that the recommended increase by OGRA was in accordance with a rise in fuel prices in the international market.


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