Prime Minister Imran Khan during a telephonic conversation with his counterpart Scott Morrison, discussed the possibility of Australia’s tour of Pakistan.

According to details, PM Imran believes that bilateral ties between the two countries should resume bearing in mind the improved situation of Covid-19.  

“With better on-ground situation, cricket between the two sides could also be resumed as the Covid-19 pandemic situation improves,” PM Imran said.   

Khan also extended an invitation to Morrison to visit Pakistan at an early date.

PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan has been optimistic about England, Australia, New Zealand and Australia in the future.

“We are looking forward to welcoming England in 2022 as we are South Africa in January 2021 and then New Zealand, followed by Australia in 2022 as well. We have two big years ahead of us and the MCC tour has paved the way for county sides to visit Pakistan as well. We are also looking to bring in tours by A sides in the future,”

“With the four big nations coming over to Pakistan, without any disrespect to other cricket playing countries, I have to say that we deserve it as we have worked hard to make it happen. Cricket needs these tours to happen in Pakistan and the fans also deserve to see some of the top nations play cricket on their soil,” he further stated.

It is worth mentioning that Australia last toured Pakistan way back in 1998-99.

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