On Wednesday, Prime Minister gave a clear message to the opposition parties that the constitutional way to bring down the government was to move a no-confidence motion in the parliament.

PM Imran said this while talking to journalists on his one-day trip to Sialkot where he inaugurated AirSial. The government has never backed down from dialogue.

In his media chat, the prime minister criticised Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) President Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s call for resignations from the assemblies. He repeated his stance that if the opposition handed in resignations, “we will hold by-elections on the vacant seats and will emerge even stronger”.

“I do not understand what opposition want to achieve,” he said. “If they want the government to fall, bring a no-confidence motion in the assemblies,” he added. “If the opposition resigned, we will emerge stronger by holding by-elections.”

The prime minister said that he had never backed down from a national dialogue. “The best place for political dialogue is parliament. I am ready to answer questions in parliament. Democracy will only work when there is dialogue,” he added.

Khan also reiterated that he and his government are not prepared to give any leverage on the corruption cases.

“We don’t have any issues. We are ready to talk on any matter,” he said, but added that there would be no talks on NRO under any circumstances.


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