KARACHI: Pak Electron Limited (PEL), one of the leading electronic product makers in the country said that the supply of its products to market will not face any interruption as the accidental fire at the fridge assembling and production area did not effect finished products storage facility.

“By the grace of Almighty, there was no loss of life and most of the appliances production area remained safe,” the statement issued at Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) by PEL said. “According to initial estimates, production of refrigerators is expected to resume in a few days.”

On Saturday, a fire broke out at the production facility of the company located at the Ferozpur Road, Lahore. The fire started at the assembly area of the fridge section and caused damage to some of the production facility, related building area, work in progress, and finished goods under dispatch. The initial assessment of the cause of fire seems short circuit.

However, as the finished goods inventory was stored in warehouses located in PEL-2 or off-site, all these remained safe. The
assets damaged by fire are adequately insured and the survey of the true extent of loss is being carried out, the statement further said.

The production facilities of air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines, and the entire production facility of power division remained unaffected.

The author is a senior business and economy journalist . He has worked for leading local and international news organisations.


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