KARACHI: A six-member team from Pakistan has been selected for Wespa World Youth Scrabble Cup, scheduled from August 7 to 22.

Pakistan is hosting the competition online for the second time in a row. The virtual tournament will be played in two stages.

The team was selected through a qualifying tournament in which more than 60 players from across the country participated.

In the first phase, there were interesting competitions between 50 players, at the end of which the top ten players qualified for the final stage.

Ten players participating in international tournaments were also entered in the final round. Each player competed in nineteen games based on round-robin.

Hasham Hadi Khan won all the games and won the tournament. Ali Salman finished second winning 17 games while Usman Shaukat came in third.

Pakistan’s number one youth player and former world youth champion Syed Imaad Ali finished fourth with 13 victories. Affan Salman and nine-year-old Ahmed Salman secured fifth and sixth positions respectively.

This is the second time that the Pakistan team has three brothers together. Earlier, the Hadi brothers had represented Pakistan in a competition.


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