KARACHI: The initiatives undertaken by the Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP) and its vision are vivid examples that a focused and pragmatic approach is crucial if Pakistan has to march on the avenue of prosperity, said President Dr Arif Alvi at the EFP Employer of the Year Award 2020.

He said: “Pakistan must develop the export potential of indigenous resources and products and strive for value addition. I would also advise the Economic Council to develop linkages and synergies with countries that are involved in mining and exports of minerals. EFP should also take maximum advantage of the technological advancements and best mining processes while at the same time advocate investment in the mining value addition sector. It is of utmost importance that minerals are not wasted away due to presently used obsolete mining processes and equipment. This is of pivotal importance in the economic progress of Pakistan.”

Dr Alvi added that it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that their workers are provided better working conditions and well-being through occupational safety and health standards, and that workers should be able to avail all benefits under various worker welfare schemes.

He said that the double-digit growth in Large Scale Manufacturing, the encouraging rise in exports, the uptick in foreign direct investment, the feel-good increase in the Stock Exchange Index, the reduction in non-essential imports, and the emphasis on new sectors such as tourism and hospitality, etc. speaks volumes of the determined efforts of the government to increase and improve the economic environment.

The government has now initiated a process to make its activities more transparent, more hassle-free, and more productive so that the red-tape, the lethargy, and the element of corruption are immensely minimised, he added.

“These actions of the government have already borne fruit and have been commended by the industrial and business community too,” Dr Arif Alvi said. “Pakistan wants to develop all sectors on a top priority basis.”

President Alvi added that he is profoundly happy that EFP is honoring top employers for the last eight years and that he is sanguine that these employers would continue to be role models and examples of excellence. He added that strong efforts are essential to increase exports because Pakistan needs a formidable inflow of Dollars and Euros to fuel the growth of the economy. He further said that EFP, being the Apex Body of Employers, must take the lead and shoulder the responsibilities of motivating the private sector to establish more industries and undertake projects to maximise employment, foreign exchange earnings, and adherence to global conditionalities.

Earlier, Ismail Suttar, President EFP, in his welcome address stated that this is the first time that any Pakistani Head of State has graced any EFP event. Introducing EFP, he disclosed that from 1950 to 2017, the EFP domain is based around Industrial Relations, Human Resource Development, ILO, International Organisation of Employers, and the Labor Departments.

The EFP is involved in labor legislation, worker’s welfare agencies, and assisting the members with labor-related legal and management issues, he added. EFP organises various signature local and international events such as on OSH, Industrial Relations, Child Labor, Skill Development, Cotton Supply Chain, Compliance of International Labor Standards by MNEs, etc., and also training programs in various cities, he said. He said that EFP is a constituent of ILO, member of International Organization of Employers, Confederation of Asia Pacific Employers, and South Asian Forum of Employers.

Mr Suttar further said that the EFP Economic Council has been established to widen the scope of EFP, and is heavily involved in research projects such as minerals to chemicals through value addition, Look Africa, Brexit, fisheries exports, GSP Plus, China Pakistan FTA, and other essential initiatives.

Zaki Ahmed Khan, Vice President EFP, then outlined the criteria of the EFP Employer of the Year Awards. He said that a panel of nine judges scrutinised all the entries and selected 29 multi-national, large national, and medium national companies. This panel worked independently and decided purely on merit, he said, and this is one reason why EFP Employer of the Year Awards has earned respect among companies.

At the event, Dr Arif Alvi also presented EFP Recognition of Meritorious Awards to Former President Majyd Aziz, Vice President Zaki Ahmed Khan, Chairman of WEBCOP and Skill Development Council Chairman Ahsanullah Khan, and EFP Advisor Fasihul Karim Siddiqi. Posthumous Meritorious Awards were also presented to Former Presidents Ashraf W Tabani and Khawaja Muhammad Nauman.


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