The federal government has rejected the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’s (OGRA) recommendations for an increase in the prices of petrol and high-speed diesel.

According to the Finance Division, the prices of petrol and high-speed diesel will remain unchanged for the month of March, whereas the prices of light-speed diesel and kerosene oil will witness an increase.

The price of petrol will remain unchanged at Rs111.90 per litre like last month, while that of diesel will also remain unchanged at Rs116.8 per litre. The prices of kerosene oil and light diesel, however, have been increased by Rs3.42 per litre and Rs2.19 per litre, respectively.

There was also an increase of Rs2.19/litre in the price of light diesel oil which will be now sold at Rs81.42/litre. The new prices, according to the finance minister, will come into effect from Tuesday, March 16, 2021.


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