Scores of children have been kidnapped since December

Nigerian gunmen have freed dozens of pupils kidnapped from an Islamic seminary in northwestern Niger.

Speaking to AFP news, seminary head Abubakar Alhassan said, “The pupils have all been released. We are now conveying them home.

I can’t give you an exact number now. We will have to screen them when we get home. But none of the pupils is in captivity,” he added.

No details were given as to how the students were released or if any ransom was paid.

Fati Abdullahi’s 18-year old daughter and 15-year old were among those kidnapped. 

“We have been in touch with those bringing them home on the phone. We have been tracking their journey home. We are anxious to see them.,” the father said while confirming the children’s release. 

136 pupils were snatched from the religious seminary in Tegina on the 30th of May.

According to school officials, six died in captivity while 15 others escaped back in June.

Gangs in Northwest and central Nigeria have been targeting children as a way to obtain ransom. About 1,000 students have been abducted since December with most being released after negotiations, but some being kept in forest camps.


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