Actress Maira Khan has been bashed for her elitist remarks in a video she uploaded on Instagram in which she rant about the less privileged that now have access to facilities in DHA. 

The actress in the video criticized people for being unable to pronounce certain English words only to realize her mistake later when received a heavy backlash from the netizens in Pakistan who slammed the actress for her ridiculous elitist behavior.

In the video, the actress had mentioned the people who had recently moved to DHA and did not belong to elite culture as ‘Paindus’ (people of modest background mostly living in villages) adding that they would remain ‘Paindus’ no matter what they do.

In quite arrogant and scornful remarks she said people need to understand that just by moving to DHA, they could not join the ‘elite club’ taunting those people for their wrong pronunciation of ‘bowl’.

She said that despite moving into an upscale residential area people would not leave behind their ‘Paindu behavior’. Maira Khan went on to say that non-burger people try to imitate elite people wearing the same gym wear, going to the same gyms. She added that the ‘Paindus’ can look like them but cannot equate them.

The Netizens took the social media to slam her for this demeaning and proud elitist behavior. 

A netizen on his Twitter wall wrote, “So a/c to B-grade actress Maira Khan, she’s the only genuine DHA wali, only she has the right to wear Gym wear & go to elite gyms because u all pronounce #Bowl as Bowl. Mocking people for not being proficient in a colonial tongue is nothing but elitist snobbery. Shame on u.”

Later during the day, the actress posted another video and apologized for her remarks. In the video, she said that her selection of words was not appropriate in the video. She did not mean to hurt the sentiments or insult people. She added that she was not able to deliver her message properly. The actress admitted to labeling people as ‘paindu’ and ‘burgers’ was wrong. She added that people should be respected as individuals.

Earlier in 2020, the model Mushk Kaleem had criticized Iman Ali for her elitist remarks criticizing the models of that time. Imam Ali in an interview had said, “I think it back in the day being intelligent was a part of being a model,” Iman shared. “But if you look at the state of it now…” the model went on to chuckle. “It’s not the same,” Iffat completed the supermodel’s sentence. “I’m not being elitist, but come on man,” Iman continued. “But it’s just the way they speak, I mean. Their basic general knowledge is just so…”

Mushk Kaleem replied on her social media account accusing her of being Elitist, She said, “What does she mean when she says that we can’t speak or that we don’t have general knowledge? As for speaking in English, it’s not our mother tongue, it’s a second language (and) not everyone can speak properly and that’s okay.”


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