The front of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Banigala mansion

A drone-like device was sighted in the Banigala and Bhara Kahu areas in Islamabad.

Sources claim that the device was seen in the sky around the prime minister’s residence and other important buildings in the area.

A search operation was launched after the emergency police informed Bhara Kahu and Banigala police that a “drone-like” object was seen in the sky in their jurisdictions.

The information was confirmed by Station House Officer Inspector Tipu Sultan.

“Police continued searching for a long time but nothing was found,” he said.

Bhara Kahu police were also involved in the search which continued for more than two hours.

A similar call was received last night as well, but nothing was found by the police, an official from the Bhara Kahu police said. 

Law enforcement had already been placed on high alert in the capital due to the security situation across the country.


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