In a recent development, MG Motors Pakistan is being accused of defrauding its customer base in Pakistan. The company has been facing delivery delays in the past when it started rolling out its crossover.

Several customers have come together to demand their MG vehicles be delivered or their advance payment returned as the company has failed to make deliveries at the promised dates.

“The 70-80 cars booked in January were booked with Rs2 million advance given to the company, and that makes up for Rs2 billion in the booking alone to the company”, a lawyer who is a victim of late deliveries told a private news channel. He added that in January alone, 1000 MG vehicles were booked from Islamabad.

The lawyer Qasim Amjad also told the host that his original delivery date was for June, and constant postponement has led to new dates. Amjad said that that the company claims that his car will be delivered by September or October now.

The lawyer told that the applications are not being accepted by the responsible departments, including police and relevant SHOs.

However, the lawyer is not alone, and people are claiming that unless one can’t pay Own Money, the company will keep moving the delivery date forward for the majority of people.

MG however holds another perspective on the issue.

In a picture shared by Pakwheels on the 4th of August, MG wrote, ” One historic challenge of serious shortage of semi-conductor chips is being faced by the global automotive industry right now. This is beyond anyone’s control and deliveries are being delayed for all brands.”

MG had previously issued this claim in May as well, explaining that the company is facing a semiconductor problem, affecting delivery times.

According to a recent media report by Dawn, almost all car manufacturers in Pakistan and abroad are unable to carry out timely deliveries, citing chip shortages as well as overwhelming advanced bookings.

The longest wait is faced by buyers who booked the new Honda City models including Aspire which while will be delivered by March 2022 in case a buyer books it today. Other Honda models are scheduled to be delivered in January and February 2022, Dawn wrote.

Recently, social media also lit up due to the closure of the MG capital in Islamabad.

It was seen after the company faced many protests from people on car dealerships arguing with the employees.

Pakwheels claimed that the dealership’s booking target was 400, but it exceeded it to book 1200 vehicles, leading to pressure on the company and its inability to deliver to the customers. This the blog said led to the permanent closure of the dealership.

However, the company rejected this claim and said that the closure is to disinfect the facility following a staff member getting infected.

Talking to Pakwheels, an MG representative said that the late delivery issue the company is facing is a global issue. He said all brands are facing this problem, “But our volumes are one of the highest, hence, more noise volume.”

An account “Monthly Automark Magazine” went to Twitter on 9th August to say that a consignment of 650 MG vehicles had reached Karachi, and the deliveries for the vehicle would begin soon.


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