LAHORE: PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz questioned why Nawaz Sharif was removed from power in 2017. She said that the charges on which the PML-N supremo was removed were false and could not be.

The comments came while Maryam Nawaz addressed a youth convention in Lahore. “He was removed in 2017 on false allegations,” she claimed. “Even today, when they have to strike against Nawaz Sharif, they have to arrest his brother and summon his daughter before NAB in a political case,” Maryam said.

On the recent move by the NAB to request the revocation of her bail on the basis of her political activity, she said that after exhausting all other ways of silencing her and failing the government is using NAB to accuse her of “speaking against institutions.” 

“I want to ask and so do the youth. Who has contracted NAB to assess political statements?” she asked.

She further criticised the NAB saying that such flimsy grounds for the petition show that they do not even have a shred of evidence against her. If they had any evidence they would have presented it in court rather than shamefully declaring that they wanted the bail cancelled because she is making political statements. “She is not speaking out against institutions. You are only sore because she is exposing you,” Maryam said to the anti-corruption watchdog.

Maryam Nawaz further said that NAB is also “sore that their master Imran Khan is being exposed in front of everyone for robbing the people of wheat, sugar, gas, electricity and their votes”.

Maryam said that they are out to “remove her from the equation” — amid Nawaz Sharif living abroad — with the aim that “maybe the anti-government movement will be weakened this way”.


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