LAHORE: On early Monday morning, the police recorded the statement of an arrested deliveryman who confessed to having supplied hundreds of kilograms of dead cow meet around the city.

Lahore has a burgeoning population of 13 million and sees the regular controversy over food supply regulation, specifically violations of hygiene and halal meat. Lahore made national headlines with news of donkey meat being in wide circulation in recent years. 

According to police, a mini-loader truck tried to escape while it was stopped for checking by police officers posted on city entering check post.

Police seized the truck after a simple chase and arrested the driver. On checking the vehicle, the policemen found around 1000 Kgs of dead beef meat.

Sherakot police registered FIR against the driver named Khadim Hussain. On further investigation, the suspect in a statement revealed that he was supplied hundreds of dead beef meat by an identified group.

Sources told TheCorrespondent that acting on this information, the police made two rounds of arrests of individuals linked to the supply of dead meat. 

In 2019 the city was supplied with hundreds of thousands of dead chicken and had subsequently been active in monitoring food-related crimes.

Such incidents show how weak the local government regulation and oversight is, which has forced Lahoris to rely on expensive packaged meat rather than being able to buy fresh produce.


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