This mass kidnapping occurred on 5th July when an armed gang entered Bethel Baptist high school and abducted 121 sleeping students from their dorms in North Nigeria.

The kidnappers of 120 schoolchildren are demanding a ransom amount of 1 million Naira each for the remaining 80 abductees. Reverend Ite Joseph Hayab, a pastor involved in the negotiations, informed the news. He had also previously informed the media that the bandits released 28 students in July. 

Hayab stated that three more students had escaped the captivity but were recaptured by unidentified bandits in the woods. Although he refuses to disclose the amount, he claims that the bandit released the children after negotiations, and they were reunited with their parents. But about 80 children are still in captivity, and their safe release is the priority for the officials. Although the bandits have demanded 1 million Naira, the negotiations continue. 

North Nigeria has recently fallen victim to the looting and abductions of these bandits. Approximately 1000 students have been abducted since December, the authorities have ordered the schools in the area to shut down following the increasing insecurity in the region.


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