The demand of electric motorbikes has risen in Pakistan, crossing 1000 to 1100 bikes per month. Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, a renowned businessman in Karachi, inaugurated an electric motorbike showroom, the first such showroom in Karachi.

Abdul Rahim, owner of the Lectrix Bike told the Correspondent that they are currently “producing around 1000-1100 bikes in a month and all bikes are being manufactured on the customers’ demand.”

“We have a complete assembling plant to produce Lectrix electric bikes in Lahore and can produce around 10,000 to 20,000 bikes in a month,” he added.

The owner of Lectrix Bike has registered the brand in Pakistan and is now marketing its products, while its accessories are imported from China.

“We are making around 8-10 models including JMS 350, JMS 650, JMS 550, JMS 650 Scooty, JMS 3500 and JMS 1500,” Abdul Rahim said adding that the electric motorcycle takes around four to five hours to charge and run for 60-120 kilometers.

The price range of these electric bikes in Pakistan is around Rs 60,000 to Rs 230,000, Mr Rahim said. This is a one time expense of the customer since it does not require any petrol, engine oil or tuning.


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