Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, has resigned from his position, amid surging coronavirus crises in the country. This development comes just two weeks after a major governing partner pulled out of the coalition over the government’s handling of the pandemic in Italy.

A week ago, Italy was engulfed in political crisis as the Prime Minister faced two confidence votes which he survived only to lose his governing majority in the Senate. All of this unveiled after Matteo Renzi withdrew his party from the government, over the mismanagement of the still rapid coronavirus in Italy, gravely weakening the ruling coalition.

Conte’s resignation has been based on the hope of acquiring a fresh mandate, granted by Italian President Sergio Mattarella, to form a new government. Mattarella has accepted Conte’s resignation following which the Prime Minister held a Cabinet meeting to discuss future plans.

Giuseppe Conte has been in office since June 2018. His resignation is the direct result of former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s centrist Italia Viva party’s withdrawal which immediately toppled Conte’s administration.

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