India has suffered another major setback as it could not get support from the other members of the 15 nation body to chair some key subsidiary bodies of the United Nations Security Council, according to the sources.

The sources claimed that India strived hard to get the chairmanship of 1267 Al-Qaeda/Da’esh Sanctions Committee and the 1540 Non-Proliferation Committee and the Afghanistan file.

Most of the council members were of the view that India will use the chairmanship of these committees for its own personal agenda and thus opposed it. The sources told that Indian diplomat lobbied extensively in New York and other countries but were not able to convince them.

An African diplomat said, “The work of the Al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee is too important to be given in the hands of the Indians.”

Last year, four listings presented by Pakistan which showed Indian involvement with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Jamaat-ul-Ahraar (JuD) were blocked by the Al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee.

Furthermore, India also faced resistance for the chairmanship of Non-prolifertion Committee. The diplomats said that Western countries are of the opinion that as India is not a party to the Nuclear Non-Profileration Treaty (NPT), it cannot head this panel.

The Afghan file was given to two European countries as the Council members thought that they will play an unbiased and positive role in comparison to India.

India was awarded the chairmanship of the 1988-Taliban Sanctions Committee but its role in it will be limited as the proposals and other things are handled by US and other permanent members of the Council. Furthermore, India will head the Libya sanctions committees. According to the UN diplomats, it has been bad start for India in 2021.


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