Income tax filers have complained that they may not be able to file returns by September 30 deadline due to glitches in the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) IT system.

But as usual, the FBR bosses denied that there was any problem with the on-line filing system.

People say they are trying to file their returns but facing difficulties because of slow internet. 

Internet services have been suspended in some cities due to security reasons on the occasion of Hazrat Imam Hussain’s Chehlum being observed throughout the country on Tuesday (today).

Some areas of different cities have been blocked due to Chehlum processions security and filers facing problem in reaching banks to deposit tax.

DENIAL: Meanwhile, the FBR spokesperson said on Monday night that when a large number of people try to file their returns in the last few days, the system may face glitches.

There is a need, he said, to educate people to file their returns in the first 86 days and there was no need to wait for the last three or four days to file returns. 

The spokesperson said the tax body’s website and IT system was working properly, but suspension of internet services in different parts of the country might cause glitches.


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