IGI Holdings Limited, a Packages Group Company has recorded a net profit of Rs1.06 billion in the last fiscal year. This in turn has also increased the Earning per Share (EPS), to Rs7.44 from Rs 2.47.

Last year, the company recorded a profit of Rs352.93 million.

In addition to this, the company also announced Rs 2 cash dividends for the year 2021. The operating expenses have increased by 23% from last year.

It is pertinent to mention, the other income of IGI Holding declined by 27.11% YoY to Rs128.71 million during the review period, compared to Rs17657mn in 1HCY20.

On the cost front, the general and administrative expenses increased by 29.73 YoY. However, the other expenses saw a substantial decline of 41.28% YoY to stand at Rs153mn in 1HCY21.  

During the period, the share of profit from associates has enormously increased to Rs926.71mn, surged by 3x, compared to Rs285.26mn in the corresponding period last year.

The company also observed a notable hike of 67% in the amount paid in terms of taxes to Rs249.54mn in 1HCY21, against Rs149.35mn in 1HCY20.


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