On Thursday, the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh has said that the pay and pension commission should come up with a financially viable solution to streamline the basic pay scales of government employees, admissible allowances and pensions.

While addressing the inaugural meeting of the pay and pension commission, the Adviser Finance said the commission would follow a consultative process to resolve the burgeoning expenditure on the Government exchequer. The current model for disbursement of pay and pensions is not sustainable, he added.

Hafeez Sheikh assured the commission his full support, the Adviser recommended to the commission that government is willing to consider Commission’s recommendation even prior to the finalisation of the Report.

Nargis Sethi, chairperson of the pay & pension commission briefed about the rationale and mandate of the P & P Commission. She explained that the commission would review the existing pay and pension structures, allowances, perks & facilities and also to evaluate possibilities of their monetization.

She also outlined the formation of sub-committees which have been assigned terms of reference to deliberate on prevailing pay and pension system across the country. The success of the pay and & pension commission is dependent on the provision of reliable & authentic data in a timely manner from all concerned, she stressed.    

The commission is headed by Ms. Nargis Sethi and is composed of senior professionals from the public and private sectors as well as serving federal and provincial secretaries. Also, senior officials of all the governments including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan are also part of it.

Hamza Habib is a senior journalist and former editor of correspondent.pk who has previously worked for leading newspapers and TV networks of the country. He mainly writes on the economy and political issues.


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