ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Thursday increased the profit rates on the National Savings schemes.

According to a notification issued by the government, the profit rates on 10-year Defence Savings Certificates has been increased from 9.29 per cent to 9.35 per cent, whereas Regular Income Savings Certificates profit rate has been increased from 8.64 to 8.76 per cent.

The government has also increased the profit rates on the Six-month Short-Term Saving Certificate by 0.6 per cent. It has been increased from 7.14 per cent to 7.20 per cent.

The profit rate on Special Savings Certificates, Behbood Savings Certificates, Pensions Savings Certificates, Shuhda Family Certificates, and Savings Accounts will remain unchanged, the notification added.

All these changes will come into effect from today, as per the notification.

The profit rates on the state-owned National Savings were also increased in Jan this year.


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