Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has said that Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Fazal-ur-Rehman will “fall ill” after the alliance’s upcoming rally in Karachi.

Addressing a press conference ahead of PDM’s meeting on Saturday, Fawad asked the leader of the opposition Shehbaz Sharif to first decide who is the leader of the PML-N.

Some people follow him [Shehbaz] and others follow Maryam, he said.

“Let the Noon-league leaders first decide who will lead their party,” he added.

The PDM is holding a meeting in Karachi in a bid to revive its anti-government campaign stalled for more than a couple of months.

The meeting has begun with Fazal in the chair during which important issues, including the alliance’s upcoming anti-government rally in Karachi, will be discussed.

The PDM is planning to hold a rally at the Quaid’s mausoleum on Sunday.

Speaking about PPP’s rule in Sindh, the minister expressed the hope this would be the party’s last term. “After 13 years, the PPP government will be overthrown in Sindh. The next government in Sindh will be of the PTI,” he said.

Fawad said that the PML-N should also present its performance report to the public so that they could see the difference between the working of parties.

“The opposition will not find a framework on foreign policy and economic policy,” he said.

Pakistan is moving towards economic, political and external stability, the minister added.

But he said the governance situation in Sindh is “worrisome” as the people in all provinces, except Sindh, are getting health cards.

He said that PPP chairperson Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari and PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz are inexperienced in politics.

Commenting on the recent nikkah ceremony of Maryam’s son Junaid, the minister said that there is no harm in getting married in London, but that the PML-N politician’s family should return “our money”.

“One million dollars were spent on the ceremony. Mian Sahib should not marry his grandchildren with our money,” Chauhdry said, referring to taxpayers’ money.

On Afghanistan, Fawad said that the biggest problem in evacuation in Afghanistan is the administrative vacuum. “If this vacuum is ignored, a state of crisis may arise,” he said.

He said that if the world powers do not pay attention to Afghanistan, the dangers may increase. “The previous government of Afghanistan along with India tried to destabilise Pakistan,” he said.

Recounting golbal recognition for Pakistan on evacuation from Afghanistan, he said those who banned the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) are now seeking assistance from the same airline for evacuation of their people.

The minister made these remarks in reference to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s ban on PIA in July 2020 over safety deficiencies and issues surrounding authorisation processes of pilot licensing.


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