Facebook and its sister social media platforms WhatsApp and Instagram faced massive disruptions across the globe on Wednesday.

Thousands of users in the United States, Morocco, Mexico, Bolivia and Brazil reported the outage since 6pm (11:40pm GMT) to DownDetector.com.

Users are reporting issues in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bangladesh and more. There are also intermittent problems for users in the the United Kingdom.

Over 40 per cent of reports on the DownDetector website state that there is a total blackout of the social media platform’s services. On Twitter, users report that they are having difficulties loading photos and posts.

By 8:30 in the evening, the interruption reports on DownDetector.com had fallen back to 110 reports, which was close to the baseline number of 24 reports, because the reason for the interruption is not yet clear. Now, all three sites seem to have returned to normal service.

Nick Tesfaye, who lives in Meknes, Morocco, reported to the network service that Facebook was “completely out of power.”

The power outage report was released after a massive Internet outage on Tuesday paralysed hundreds of websites around the world.

The power outage was blamed on an unnamed IT customer, which prevented millions of people from accessing websites including Amazon, Spotify and Netflix, as well as the BBC, the British government and the White House.

The company stated that this was caused by a software error triggered when customers of Fastly’s customers (the American cloud computing company responsible for these issues) changed their settings.

It is not clear whether Facebook’s power outage on Wednesday was related to a larger power outage.


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