The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday issued a notice to the Sindh government for not providing “adequate” medical and other facilities to the accused in the Daniel Pearl murder case.

The notice was issued on the complaint by three of the accused, who claimed that the provincial government had not been providing them facilities.

Mahmood Ahmed Sheikh, the counsel for accused Khalid, Salman Saqib and Omar Sheikh, informed the apex court that his clients wrote him a letter complaining of the lack of facilities.

Justice Umer Ata Bandial said that he was issuing a notice to the Sindh government on the complaint.

“Omar Sheikh is not allowed to move freely in the apartment,” the counsel submitted and added that “he is also only allowed to meet his son and wife, and not his mother-in-law, uncle and aunt.”

The counsel informed the court that his clients were locked in rooms during the night.

Additional Advocate General Faisal Chaudhry assured the court that there will be no restriction on the movement of the accused in the apartment or on meeting his relatives.

He denied that the accused are not locked in their rooms, rather the apartment is locked at night.

The bench adjourned the case indefinitely.

AHMED OMAR CASE: Meanwhile, the Supreme Court also heard the case of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh pertaining to his release order and issued notices to the authorities.

A three-member bench of the Supreme Court had on January 28 ordered authorities to release the accused through a split order.

The majority judgment said the judges were entertaining no amount of doubt that prosecution had failed to bring home guilt of the accused/respondents and appellant as the evidence furnished during the trial is full of factual and legal defects.

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